Ready to ship out tomorrow

RTS Blanks and Buys



Prices are KN95 with filter 3.50 $3.00/each for K95 face mask, $3.20/each for N95, $1.25 each for surgical 

kids 2.30


ALL PRICES are per Item, not sold in packs

🔴And one last thing🔴

None of these items have been approved by the US government. You would buy at your own risk or the risk of whoever you give these to. We will not be held responsible for any fault in products or in user error. And you should ALWAYS follow CDC guidelines for best practice on staying well and away from Covid-19 of course. Please keep that in mind. All I know is, there are no masks here currently. Sewing a cloth mask is a great option for civilian use also! Closing these down at noon tomorrow