Basebal rainbow ON A ROCKER!

The Cane Mill


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Closing 3-28
Basebal rainbow ON A ROCKER!
*no 2 shirts will be the same, this is hand bleached. Please note due to the bleaching process some stitches may come lose on hems.
ITS A UNISEX FIT! make sure you let your people know the fit and no 2 will be the same.
I lay these flat and bleach. The back is bleached as well.
I bleach, wash, press, wash with oxiclean and detergent, then dry.
If someone has allergies THEY WILL NEED TO REWASH THEM!!!!!
4 week tat- it will take the entire 4 weeks. It may take longer due to weather
Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Wholesale account only
Price- 15.99 small - xl add 2/3.00 for 2/3x
Anyone can purchase for 20.99 small - xl add 2/3.00 for 2/3x
Comment if running.
*this is a mock up*